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The story of muvit, 100% dedicated to mobility accessories, has began in 2008 in Western Europe. ascendeo, a leading European accessory specialist, is home to muvit, which has become since then a major brand in continental Western Europe.
muvit has expanded way beyond its original European roots and is now distributed in over 30 countries across the globe.
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Get into the move!

muvit - Get into the move! muvit is about your mobile lifestyle, with your MP3 player, your smartphone or your tablet! muvit is a world-class brand, with high quality accessories for Apple under the "Made for iPhone" license program, and by Sony under the "Made for Xperia" license program. muvit is endorsed by the new digital native generation, fitted with digital devices for their modern lives; fast, responsive, efficient, always on the move! But muvit is also the choice of the social media generation: A smartphone case becomes a personal choice, and muvit stands for quality and personality. Navigate our product catalog with the muvit icons
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At the crossroads between technology and fashion, muvit offers both innovative and trendy accessories.

muvit means fashion!

muvit is THE European brand, is all about European fashion inspiration, and we mean it! Let’s make it clear: when it comes to fashion, Europe is the place to be. With its design studios in both Paris and Barcelona, muvit is as close as you can get to the latest fashion trends! We design cases and protection for a large variety of European countries, from vibrant Spanish colourful smartphone cases to more discrete classical leather for professional Norwegian tablet users. Check out our catalogue for new season collections every month, and discover products that are made for your style, that speaks for the person you are, that matches your usage conditions.

muvit means technology!

But muvit is also synonym of technology: For some of our cases, we use high grade materials, and some of them under exclusive patents like Gaialene, a material with outstanding resistance and fully recyclable, or Naprel, a material that interacts remarkably under laser beam. For our “Made in Paris” collection, we have partnered with a Parisian factory with traditional leather craftsmanship, coupled with proprietary manufacturing technologies, to bring French luxury to affordable price points. In 2012, we were amongst the first major brand to bring Qi standard compliant wireless charging pads to the market. But technology and fashion has to serve a purpose: we keep our customers experience and how they interact with their devices with muvit accessories at the front row. The user experience highly depends on the specifics use of the device our cases protect and dress: Understanding this intimate connection between our customer and they cherished devices, designing with the user experience in mind makes muvit accessories the preferred choice if you are looking for satisfaction. muvit is a green citizen of the world and acts responsibly. We design and manufacture by integrating the environmental dimension.
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